Great News!

What happens when you don’t see a post in over a week? You get three posts in one day! Boom!

Hattie had an exam under anesthesia yesterday as another follow-up to the radiation treatment she received in December. The exam showed no signs of scarring or stricturing and the surgeon said he wouldn’t expect any more if he hadn’t seen any by now. He also was able to examine the growth noticed at the last exam and made a preliminary diagnosis of a radiation induced skin flap. He took a biopsy and we’ll get the official diagnosis within the week but we’re hopeful that this diagnosis holds up. This would mean no further surgery and hopefully being on track to complete chemo by the end of summer. Prayers were definitely answered here!

We had a couple of fun adventures over the weekend – Hattie’s 2nd birthday party and a fun trip to the aquarium. Follow-up posts coming soon.



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