Hattie’s Many Hats

Hattie’s white blood counts are again low and she was pretty sick yesterday. I was afraid we’d be admitted into the hospital today so I stayed home with her. Fortunately, she’s feeling a bit better, though it’s a sit on the couch and watch “Curious George” type of day. I wanted to play hat dress up and take some photos but she wouldn’t keep them on long enough to snap shots. So I just threw them on her while she was distracted by the TV and took a shot as quick as I could. This turned into a fun game and I got some smiles out of her as she threw the hats off her head. I’m feeling arty so threw the images together and did some heavy editing. Enjoy!

All images shot with Canon 5D Classic, Canon EF 24-105 f/4L lens and Canon 430 EX II Speedlight. Cropped and heavily edited with tone mapping in Adobe Lightroom 5.


2 thoughts on “Hattie’s Many Hats

  1. I am a friend of Leslie’s . All her photos are just too dang cute they just make me smile. I love the one with her one eye kinda squinting .

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