Photo Fail – Hattie and Tub Friends

Sometimes a picture just doesn’t quite come together. There can be a fundamental problem with the idea behind the photo or it can just be executed poorly. Sometimes your kid isn’t interested in playing cute for the camera.

I thought there was a great photo during bath time this morning. Hattie insisted that all her tub friends join her in the bath. She has a lot of rubber duckies. I’m thinking wide angle shot of Hattie looking up at the camera with a goofy grin surrounded by the ducks. Pure gold.

I got more or less the composition I was thinking of within the first couple snaps:

A couple problems:

  • Try as I might, H would not look at the camera! Shouts of “Hattie!”, “Cheese!” and “Hey Chupacabra!” did nothing for my case.
  • What I had imagined as a swarm of ducks didn’t look as overwhelming in the final shot

I tried to get her attention by moving in closer and lower:

At least she’s looking now and I like seeing her bandaid, or “sticker” as she calls it. This was shot at a fairly wide angle and I didn’t like the perspective in the moment. I decided to back up a bit and try a longer focal length:

In retrospect I think I like the wider perspective better. I put the camera down to try say some funny things in hopes of getting a smile. I finally got the smile…

… but snapped the shutter too late.

At this point she started saying, “Change! Change!”, as in “I need a diaper change!” I wasn’t going to let it get that far in the tub… Bathtime over. Photoshoot over. Sometimes thems the breaks.



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