On war and battles

“Lose the battle, win the war”

“Tomorrow’s a new day”

“Take it one day at a time”

These sayings have been running through my head all day. After yesterday’s trip to the OR, I have to admit I didn’t handle myself very well. I was exhausted and tired and it felt like another deep dive after the roller coaster seemed to be steadying.

After getting home and putting Hattie down for a nap, next thing I know I’ve torn through a ton of meat and cheese and crackers. My stomach hurts and my aspirations for the gym and working from home are shot. I’m down and stuck.

I didn’t yesterday’s setbacks keep me down. I was able to bounce back today and be productive at work, eat well all day, and get a great 30 minutes of strength training and 25 minutes of interval running in after work. I feel a renewed sense of purpose for my fitness goals and am back to fighting.

I had a similar conversation on war and battles with a coworker today regarding Hattie’s treatment. The war is on cancer. We’re so hopeful that we’ll win that fight that it’s easy to stress about individual battles. We have to wait until the next exam on March 3 to find out what’s going on with the cervical tissue. It may mean further surgery that we’ve been so hoping to avoid and that might seem like losing a battle. But that’s a battle we might have to lose to win the war on cancer.

In the mean time, the only thing we can do until the 3rd is worry and that’s not terribly productive. We were all very productive today and are keeping the focus on living life as well as we can. One day at a time, keep enjoying life and find a reason to smile.

Coming tomorrow: a walkthrough of a day of chemo.



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